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Incredible Online Strangers

You never know who you are going to meet, especially online.  One of the most amazing things I love about Social Media, especially LinkedIn, is how much of other people's network you get to see.  When you "like" a post, it goes out to your network that you have "liked" a specific post and they can then see the post and like or comment on it.  

"You never know who you are doing to meet!"

Yesterday, a post came across my feed that one of my connections had "liked".  It was from an Autism Mom from the UK.  She expressed how she was finally sharing her story of her almost adult son with Autism and shared his accomplishments.  As a fellow Autism Mom, I liked and commented on the post with words of encouragement and gratitude.  Then I decided to take it one step further.  I reached out to her and requested to connect with her.  She didn't know who I was so I explained in my connection request (we always personalize our connection requests,...

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